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10 June 2013 @ 11:10 pm
Looking for:  
- JE group(s): KAT-TUN
- pairing(s): Akame
- genre(s): Romance? Angst? AU, definitely!
- author: Can't remember!
- title: Same! Can't remember!
- rating: Can't remember, but not too high. I don't think there was any smut or anything, and definitely not horror or language
- description: Well, Jin's a Johnny, but Kame isn't. It is later revealed that he did actually audition along with Jin, but didn't pass. Instead, he now works as a dancer in a small Japanese cafe in Paris. Jin comes to Paris, for a photo shoot, i think, and first meets Kame whilst walking around. Kame's selling roses. Then Jin finds the cafe, which is called 'The Red Kimono', and meets Kame again.
oh, and Kame's also a confidante of sorts. After his performances he goes around and people tell him all their troubles, except that this happens only inside the cafe. As far as anybody else is concerned, he doesn't know you outside the cafe.
- one-shot or multi-chaptered?: Multi-part oneshot. It wasn't a multichapter, I don't think.
- work in progress?: Nope! It was completed!
- an estimated length (how many words, roughly?): Well, it was quite long, so not, like, a page, but quite a few pages… sorry ^^"